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November 12 2012

weedfartferret: Baby platypuses are called “puggles”

lanapie: it’s a blob with a beak and it’s the cutest thing ever
Reject All Taste
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November 09 2012

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The Big Lebowski

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November 01 2012

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Sam Winchester's "Sex Education" Post:



Oh, I’m sorry, I meant…

Sam Winchester’s Hot “Sex Demonstration” Post:

well if you guys don’t appreciate this, no one will.

I watch Supernatural for the plot.

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omg so yesterday i put a salt line on the pathway to our front door because i was fucking around and my brother was pretending to be a demon


and today we ordered pizza and the salt line was still there

and my brother went outside to sign for the pizza

and the pizzaman refused to step over the salt line, like he almost did and then he backed up and handed my bro the pizza and left; which is pretty ridiculous because it’s far from our door

so a heads up to everyone i’m pretty sure domino’s is actually run by demons??? kind of like how in men in black the post office is run by aliens

i guess you could say he was

one hell of a delivery boy


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October 26 2012

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October 03 2012

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